Nomination Procedures

Lead Nominator’s responsibilities

  • There must be one designated Lead Nomination with whom REAA-2019 will communicate regarding the nomination.
  • Must have knowledge of the nominated Award.
  • Must document any direct personal or professional relationship of the lead nominator to the nominated project or nominee.
  • Must ensure the nomination package is complete at the time of submission; incomplete nomination packages will not bee evaluated.
  • Must review the specific eligibility, restrictions and content outline is done award document.
  • Must ensure the following document included with the submission. Failure to provide then Necessary forms will eliminate the nomination.

REAA-2019 Permissions and Release Form

The nominee/client/owner of any body of work being considered for a REAA-2019 Awards must complete and sign the form confirming whether he or she did, or did not, use any REAA-2019 trademark, logo or copyrighted content from any REAA-2019 publication. Usage will require permission.

Nomination Requirement

Nominations must be sent Online / electronically to and must be received no later than the due date shown under “Nomination Deadline.”

All submitted material must be in English with a minimum of a 10-pt. font, in 81/2” x 11” letter size or A4 format. Please use global English as REAA awards are evaluated by an international committee who may not be familiar with acronyms and terms from your organization, industry, or country.

Specific submission and criteria page count maximums are outlined on each individual awards web page and application document. Nominations that exceed the documented page count maximum will not be evaluated. Nominations may include an option glossary of no more than 1 page.

Any additional documentation in alternate media formats, such as multimedia, will not be evaluated.

Nomination packages that are incomplete or are received after the nomination deadline will not be reviewed.


The following are the REAA Process

  • Step-1:  Nomination papers will be sent for screening process (preliminary selection).
  • Step-2:   Acknowledgement intimation will be communicated to the Nominee.
  • Step-3:  REAA Team may ask the proof for the credits mentioned in the CV. (Optional).
  • Step-4:  Cross verifying the data submitted & forwarding it to the Committee.
  • Step-5:  The selected nominees will be communicated via a formal letter via mail.
  • Step-6:  Registration & Fee Process & REAA List updatation in Webpage.
  • Step-7:  Floating the Award Winner Profile & including the same in the REAA Report.
  • Step-8:  Award Presentation Ceremony.
  • Step-9:  Release of the AERM & REAA 2019 Report.

Judging Criteria

  • The REAA 2019 Judging is a peer review process, based on nomination documents submitted by the eligible individual. The panel (from diverse backgrounds, working individually) will be looking for exceptional research record of significant contribution to the University/institute/industry like Grants-Patents-Collaboration with Industries/Institutions- Contracts-Publications (Articles and Books)-Special Awards-Other Accomplishments.
  • The panel is instructed to score entries from 0 to 100, using the criteria. The CSERD aggregates the scores to determine each category. The panel decision is final and binding.

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