• Eligibility differs for each award REAA-2019 affiliation may or may not be required for a nominee, or nominated.
  • The qualification of the nominee must be recognized and documented by corresponding successes in research & Innovation, Constancy Projects in R&D , Grants, Patents, Collaboration with Industries/Institutions & Contracts.
  • A substantial and sustained range of published work, such as articles in leading refereed journals, authored books, contributions to edited volumes, reports etc.
  • Any other specific  technical& professional accomplishments, societal  or  any economic impact of contributions.
  • Significant contribution through teaching and research that has had a major impact on the discipline, either through a career-long record of contributions, as in the case of some senior professors, or through a prominent contribution regardless of rank.
  • While for the Institutes,University & Industry  Criteria include the following:
    1. A record of outstanding teaching effectiveness both within and outside the classroom.
    2. The ability to inspire, promote, and sustain the intellectual development of students.
    3. A pedagogical approach that is innovative (new approaches using current or new models of teaching), intellectually rigorous, creative, and engaging.
    4. Demonstrated scholarly/professional contributions and their integration into the classroom that foster critical thinking and challenge students to   independent inquiry.
    5. Advising/mentoring of undergraduate or graduate students or doctoral and clinical supervision-interactions outside of the classroom and the quality of such interactions.
    6. Contribution to developing or enhancing curricula in the field.
    7. Length of service and contribution given to R&D of States and Country.

Not Eligible

  • Current REAA-2019 staff, contractors and/or consultants are not eligible to apply for an Award.
  • Acts performed under contract to REAA-2019, directly or indirectly,  will not be considered.
  • Current sitting members of CSERD , India Board of Directors, CSERD, India Research Society Board of Directors, or any Board Support Committees may not participate in the nomination or evaluation process of an award, nor are those members eligible to receive an award.

Individuals or organisations that have failed to comply with REAA policies and procedures, including but not limited to REAA-2019 Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, will not be considered. For additional information, refer to each individual award guidelines posted on the specific award page.

Number of Awards

  • The number of winners differs for each award.
  • REAA-2019 reserves the right not to select any winners for a particular year if the evaluations performed indicate that nominations do not meet the stated criteria and award.