Research Excellence and Academic Award-2019

Over a year ago, CSERD established its Annual Awards Program to recognize contributions to the Research and Academic activities. Each year, Chapters, Members and Staff nominate individuals for the Research Excellence and Academic Awards (REAA-2019) . REAA provide you the common organised platform to share your excellence in your academic career to the world and cascade your performace at this global event.

This is your opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of the REAA Members in your organization and Chapter. Nominees are reviewed by the International Awards Committee and recommendations are made to the International Board and Executive Committee for approval.


Research Excellence and Academic Awards (REAA-2019) strives to offer a professional awards program that encourages and recognizes the accomplishments of project management professionals and organizations around the world. REAA-2019 places a high regard and value on recognizing and honoring those who have made significant, memorable contributions to the Academics, Industries, Institutions and to the Research profession. You can honor superior performance when you nominate excellent Academics Work, Research professionals, and organizations for an REAA-2019 Awards. The objective of this event is to honor the individuals and the organization who have contributed in the field of Agriculture, Engineering, Medical, and Science. We aim to honor distinct knowledged highly expert professionals of their fields in the age group of 25 to 62 who are committed to finding solutions with their new ideas in various academic fields. We also want the researchers to share their knowledge by showcasing their contribution to the educational field.


Established in 2015, Combined Society for Educational Research and Development (CSERD) is one of the India’s most international and prestigious Professional Conference & Events Organizers. Headquartered in beautiful Dehradun, India. Given our strategic alignment, we are able to serve our esteemed partners from all corners of the India. We have conducted many seminars and workshops at national level  till the date and have collaborated with many renowned institutes in India .


CSERD has organized conferences which span all continents and have a great understanding and appreciation for the various needs of different cultures. Our team members are dynamic and originate from all parts of the India, bringing with them a wealth of experience and knowledge.


At CSERD, we are passionate about organizing superior Conferences, Events, Workshops, Trainings and incentive programs. Our innovation, creativity and professionalism provide unique, world class experiences for both our highly valued clients and staff. CSERD creates common ground for global experts and professionals to share their ideas and discoveries. We take pride in connecting our clients to help promote change in the world.


We are dedicated to improve outcomes for the industry by helping an individual to develop skills and acquire latest technology. We specialize in providing International Conferences,Seminars,Workshops and Industrial Training via our expert trainers. We aim to bring together researchers, Industry delegates, developers, practitioners and educators working in the area of research & innovations technology for exchanging knowledge that encompasses a broad range of disciplines among various distinct communities by providing the common platform to exchange their ideas, researches and knowledge with each other.

What makes us the Industry Leaders ?

  • Quality of education
  • Experienced staff and trainers
  • Overall development program
  • Major tie-ups with learning partners
  • Membership plans CSERD
  • Dedicated Research Team

Important Dates

  • Award ceremony: 1st Feb 2019